Laser Storm Club Memberships

You can join our private Laser Storm club!

Our club generally plays on the weekends in the evenings. For as little as $10 per month, you can play unlimited laser tag when the club is open.
We send out an email and post in our facebook group during the week with the times that we will be playing.

If you want to check it out before you join, you can pay just $5 for an evening.
You can join the email list here to see when we are playing next.

We DO NOT have regular hours. You have to be a club member, or purchase a day pass to be able to play. Please join our email list, or call (330) 647-6250 to see when we are playing next. Be sure to mention the laser storm club if you call.

What you get when you join

When you have an active club membership, you can come and play unlimited laser tag during any club session. You can also come and play in our arcade.
During club sessions, laser tag is free to club members. You are only limited by the open slots to play based on how many people show up.
We will play at least 1 day a week. We usually play Friday and Saturday at 8pm, but you have to check the emails or the Facebook group for times each week.

You also get free laser tag during open session before the movies start when the theatre is open.
HOWEVER: In order to park by the building, you have a purchase a movie ticket.
If you come just for laser tag when the theatre is open, you must park in the designated area before you enter the drive-in. You will have to walk to the laser tag section, and we ask that if the movie is playing, you walk up quietly so to not bother the movie goers.

How to pay

If you join the club, you will receive an email invoice each month. You can pay it online, and if you save your card details, our system will automatically bill your card each month.
You can cancel at any time.

If you don’t want the automatic monthly charge. You can simply pay $5 each session.

To start the process, you can sign up here. After we receive your application, we will email you the first invoice.

Is this just for serious players?

Not at all! While we do have competitions, leagues, and out of state tournaments, we also have a large group of casual players. Many times we alternate games between the tournament players and the casual players. I think you will find that even the very serious players will take time out of what they are doing to answer any questions you have, and to show you all of the tips and tricks they know.